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BPM The Next Stage of End-User Programming

Ben Farrell
January 22, 2010

Appian Principal Consultant Glenn Smith has just published the secondinstallment of his2-part look at "BPM ñ The Next Stage of End-User Programming" on In Part 1, Glenndiscussed the feasibility of using commercial BPM systems as a platform for end-user programming. In Part 2, he examines the value of doing so.

As he states in his conclusion, "it is inevitable that at the same time that BPM moves towards the peak of the strategic enterprise pyramid, it will also migrate toward the vast number of small opportunities at the base of the pyramid. These solutions will be developed by end users to satisfy their specific needs. The unique advantages of BPM over traditional development will facilitate a new category of solutions which could not be developed otherwise."

BPM is opening a new world of possibilities by arming business people with a platform they can use to implement their own solutions to their unique problems. Read Part 2 of the article here:

Ben Farrell, Director, Corp. Communications