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AGF Trust Talks Enterprise-Wide BPM

Ben Farrell
August 3, 2010

Six Sigma IQ has a great article from John Jarrett, director of BPMat AGF Trust talking about implementing enterprise-wide BPM. AGF Trust is an Appian customer using our platform across six product lines and multiple departments.Their BPM Program touches numerous functional areaswithin the investment management firm, including Client Services, Finance, Funding Teams, Ongoing Administration, and Underwriting.

John's role is to lead the business process design team and leadthe chargein meeting AGF Trust's mandate to innovate its processes. In the two-part article, he discusses several critical issues for creating and growing a BPM Program, including how to pick your first process, how to build the business case for expansion, and the crucial importance of having a BPM Center of Excellence (CoE).

John will be presenting on this same topic at the IQPC Business Process Excellence in Financial Services conference in London, September 21-22. If you are in the financial services industry, you should check it out.

Ben Farrell, director of Corporare Communications