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Appian 6 is Here!

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
September 29, 2009

Today, Appianannounced the impending availability of Appian 6. Appian 6 raises the bar in the BPM market by making the discovery, construction, and deployment of enterprise BPM application easier than ever. Our main theme around Appian 6 is Process Acceleration.Accelerated results and faster deploymentsrepresents the value customers will experience with the Appian 6 platformgiven the new ability to rapidly deploy and realize ROI faster than any other BPM product on the market.

New features with Appian 6 include:

New BPM Application Design interface, allowing customers to quickly navigate all shared components and form these componentsinto logical BPM Applications for simple management and quick migration between environments. The re-usable library of components includes Processes, Rules, Groups and Roles, Reports, Content Management Structures, Documents, Portal Pages and Collaboration Areas.

Additionally, Appian has extended it's XML definition of Applications from just process and rules to all elements that define a BPM Application, including portal pages, reports, content management, data, forms, and collaboration areas. Appian 6's new migration practice allows the entire definition of a BPM application to be easily exported as an XML definition and stored in developer friendly source code control environments. The XML application definition can then be deployed to any Appian 6 environment, without concern for server OS or Java Application server version, enabling easy migration between any Appian 6 system.

Appian has also extended the BPM Application concept to a new, more flexible, and collaborative user interface with application centric navigation. End-Users can now navigate to content based on the logical application, displaying a role-based or personalized view into that application. End-user navigation has been simplified with greater designer control over all aspects of the end-user interface. Each application is supported by intuitive URLs that make navigating to specific application views a snap through sharing a simple link or bookmarking a page for future reference.

Customers using the Appian 5 platform can migrate their entire system to Appian 6 with seamless migration of all running processes to take advantage of the new features. As we begin to close out our Beta period, we expect the GA version of Appian 6 to be available within the next 3 to 4 weeks. There are many more great new features with Appian 6, including a newEnterprise Content Management interface, new server architecture, and upgrade support for the latest browsers. If you would like to learn more about Appian 6, please join usat Appian Forum 09 on October 26th through October 29th in Reston, VA.If you are an existing customeror partner, you candownload the beta version of Appian 6 today at Appian Access.

We look forward to seeing you at Appian Forum.

Malcolm Ross

Director Product Management