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Accelerating ROI - New Research

Ben Farrell
December 2, 2009

New research from Aberdeen Group validates what many business and IT leaders have discovered for themselves: accelerating process improvement efforts with BPM is yielding significant returns as organizations continue to grapple with the unstable global economy.

The new report, called "BPM Accelerated: Slashing Cost and Time with Agile Business Processes," uses Aberdeen's methodology of Best-in-Class, Industry Average and Laggard to show that leading companies were able to achieve an average 18 percent year-over-year reduction in operating cost and an average 16 percent reduction in process cycle time through a comprehensive strategy for BPM.

This study collected data from 200 organizations globally and discovered that "companies that have developed the organizational maturity and are leveraging the right tools for BPM are generating more robust, flexible and agile business processes.