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Latest Version of the Appian Low-Code Platform Now Available

Appian Contributor
March 8, 2022

Reach new users with Appian Portals, and deliver a total experience with a unified platform

McLEAN, VA — March 8, 2022 — Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) today announced the latest version of the Appian Low-Code Platform. Major enhancements bring together process mining, workflow, and automation in a unified low-code platform, enabling customers to discover, design, and automate crucial business processes. The release also features Appian Portals, a simple way to radically expand the reach of Appian applications to external users.

“One of the core values of Aegon is putting the customer first. That is why we chose the Appian Low-Code Platform to achieve more efficiency and speed in digital services that customers expect from us. Since we introduced the Appian platform in 2017, we now have over 50 applications across Aegon Mortgage, Bank, Pension, Life, and Income Insurance”

- Frans Stuifbergen, Intelligent Automation BPM Lead, Aegon

Appian Portals

Appian Portals is the new front door to Appian applications. With Appian Portals, designers use low-code to quickly build and manage secure external web sites that capture and expose data from Appian applications. Appian Portals does not require external users to log in, and it scales to support usage levels. Appian Portals makes it easy to use your Appian applications for a broad range of public information, self-service, account onboarding, and similar use cases, such as quote requests, account registration, license/permit applications, and much more. Key benefits include:

  • Increase business agility. The ability to quickly respond to changing business conditions is especially important at the digital contact point where organizations transact with customers, partners, and the public.
  • Improve the customer experience. Integrate enhanced customer experiences and data into your workflows and systems to deliver faster and more responsive service.
  • Meet increased demand. Organizations are now able to quickly provide services (such as vaccine registrations, tax refund status, etc.) through a robust web portal that is easy to publish, manage, and scale.
  • Ensure security and compliance. Appian Portals inherits the industry-leading security capabilities of the Appian platform, and the traceability of processes and data to simplify regulatory compliance.
“Appian Portals is a game-changer for us,” said Matthew Richards, CIO of Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA!). “We have more than half-a-million members across the continent, and we use Appian to manage their Local Union’s relationship with the International Union. With Appian Portals, we are enhancing the member experience by delivering more immediacy, allowing them greater self-service, and deepening our engagement with them.”

Appian Process Mining

The latest version of Appian includes Appian Process Mining, one of the easiest ways to analyze, improve, and monitor business processes. Appian reduces the process mining data burden by using low-code actions to extract, transform, and load business-process data. This enables users to perform complex data transformations even if they don’t have in-depth technical knowledge.

Appian also now features the Mine Process History plug-in that lets users automatically transform and import process data from Appian into the Process Mining module for further analysis. This huge time-saving measure helps customers start extracting valuable insights right away. Because Appian is a unified platform, these insights can be easily applied to the design of new workflows and automations.

“Traditional process mining is impeded by the effort required to prepare process data, and the effort required to turn mining insights into improved workflows,” said Malcolm Ross, Deputy CTO at Appian. “With Appian, you spend less time consolidating data for mining, and the insights you gain are immediately actionable in new workflows and automations. That’s the value of a unified platform.”

Enhanced Security

Security is integral to the development process, and when it comes to enterprise data, it’s critical that the right people - and only the right people - have access to certain data. In the past, controlling who can access which rows of data required technical leads and data experts. The new record-level security in Appian eliminates the need for experts to configure and maintain security. 

With record-level security, app owners can specify who can see which records by configuring security rules in the record type. Security rules translate complex security requirements into plain language so they’re easy to configure and maintain. For example, if a user can view a customer, they should also be able to view that customer’s support cases. Record-level security makes this easy, not only accelerating the configuration, but also simplifying maintenance.

To experience the Appian Low-Code Platform for yourself, get your free Appian Community Edition environment.


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