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Accelerating Digital Business Outcomes in Europe with Low-Code Automation and Partner Services

Appian Contributor
July 19, 2022

Appian releases new InfoBrief to highlight best practices, use cases, and key business outcomes

 McLean, VA - July 19, 2022 – Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) today reveals that low-code is increasingly chosen as the technology to rapidly improve and optimize business processes through digitization and automation. According to Appian internal data, the market demand for certified low-code practitioners has been growing 75% to 100% in the last few years. With this increasing demand, Appian has expanded its global partner program and introduced new offerings to help partners deliver better business outcomes to support customers’ digital transformation strategy.

“Our consulting and delivery capabilities are joined at the hip,” said Matthias Leybold, PwC Partner for Cloud Intelligence and Analytics. “We advise on and co-create solutions for customers by bringing together PwC’s relevant industry experts, consultants, developer services, and Appian experts. As a result, we provide the breadth and depth needed to succeed with enterprise transformation.”

The Appian partner program allows registered users to access an extended range of capabilities and continuous enhancements to the Appian Low-Code Platform. In addition, Appian partners and customers have these benefits:

  • Free access to the Appian Community Edition environment
  • Opportunities to gain Appian Certifications by role and earn Appian Pro Badges
  • Personalized Appian Learning path with in-classroom and online classes for different roles

Reshma Nuggehally, Accenture Managing Director, BPM and LCNC Lead, said, “With a focus on compressed transformation, our ability to support end-to-end transformation with industry and technology expertise, innovation, and vendor management is strategic for scaling customers on the Appian Platform.”

“Our relationships with our strategic global partners are deep,” said Marc Wilson, Appian Chief Partner Officer. “Appian partners are invested for the long-term, and this means our joint customers get continuous innovation in both the product itself and the ways it can be delivered that best fits their need.”

Recently, Appian commissioned IDC to write an IDC InfoBrief, which examines the role of service partners in delivering enterprise-level digital business transformation through low-code automation. The IDC InfoBrief, “How Low-Code Automation and Partner Services Are Accelerating Digital Business Outcomes in Europe,” (IDC #EUR148200421, March 2022) is based on in-depth interviews with Accenture and PwC to explore why customers are working with them and Appian to address business challenges and opportunities. The IDC InfoBrief also features case studies on partner-led business transformation outcomes using the Appian Low-Code Platform.

“Low-code simplifies and accelerates app creation, but real transformation at the enterprise level is complex,” said John O’Brien at IDC. “Organizations need experienced help connecting all the pieces such as strategy, skills, IT portfolio rationalization, and building the competency centers that will deliver maximum long-term value across the business.

Download the full IDC InfoBrief to see how low-code and Appian partners are helping organizations in Europe transform at digital speed.

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