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Garsa Corporate Customers Save as Much as €30,000 Per Month, Thanks to New Automation

Appian Contributor
July 1, 2021

Appian low-code automation delivers new digital workflows in as little as four weeks for Spanish financial services outsourcer

MADRID, Spain - July 1, 2021 – Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) today announced that Garsa (Gestores Administrativos Reunidos), a provider of mortgage and asset management services to the largest financial companies in Spain, is using the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform to automate complex lending and financial management workflows. With Appian, Garsa can now deliver automated workflow applications in as little as four weeks from discovery to deployment. 

Low-code automation has allowed the outsourcing company to automate more than 50,000 existing manual tasks, each incorporating 350 files on average. This has resulted in savings of as much as €30,000 per month for Garsa’s end customers. 

Founded more than 40 years ago, Garsa handles a large volume of back-office transactions to process mortgage applications, credit approvals, and tax management, among others. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they used Appian to handle huge increases in loan extension requests from businesses and homeowners.

"Appian gives us a centralized solution for automated processes that is flexible, stable, and scalable. Our employees’ daily workflows are unified with the data and other resources they need, allowing man and machine to work together in a coordinated and super-efficient way," said Bruno Vicente, CIO of Garsa.

"The Appian Platform allows us to focus on the most valuable tasks to better serve our customers. Instead of spending time on administrative tasks, we have more time to think, develop, and contribute towards more strategic initiatives, and gain significant efficiency in our business," said Oscar Gomez Sanz, CEO of Garsa. 

Garsa digitized and automated the workflow for requesting deferrals on debit payments, and accelerated existing processes to cope with multiple service request spikes during lockdowns and service disruptions. In addition, Garsa has used Appian to automate multiple repetitive tasks, and streamline and optimize various workflows, including Mortgage Applications, Lending Application Management, and Communications Management.

“Garsa has demonstrated that it is possible to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands rapidly,” said Miguel A. Gonzalez Serrano, Area Vice President of Iberia at Appian. “The company accelerated its digital automation deployments to provide a better experience for their employees and customers.”

Watch this video to see why Garsa is using Appian for its robust low-code automation platform, easy maintenance, centralized control, and workflow orchestration. Appian also provides a complete view of automation activities with reporting, analysis and task management tools, allowing Garsa employees to react quickly to potential exceptions. 

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