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Appian and Redox partner to simplify EHR data integration for payer and providers

Appian Contributor
December 15, 2021

McLean, Va & Madison, Wis—December 15, 2021 —Today Appian (NASDAQ: APPN) announced a partnership with Redox, the company accelerating healthcare data interoperability, to bring data fabric integration to payers and providers. Health systems and payer entities will now be able to securely share patient medical record information via purpose-built applications that simplify care transitions, lower costs, and drive engagement.

Appian and Redox are making the patient data stored in electronic medical records (EMRs) as easily available as the data in other legacy systems utilized by health payers and providers. Appian partners are currently working with Redox to enrich their solutions for behavioral health, patient engagement, home health, and more with easy and secure access to EMR data. This interoperability framework will allow a new level of data sharing between providers, payers and patients to streamline access, coordinate care and improve outcomes.

"Healthcare data integration is historically tedious and burdensome for all parties,” said Michael Heffner, Vice President of Solutions & Industry Go to Market at Appian. “Our partnership with Redox means that tech teams can quickly build low-code solutions that access EMR data without complex, one-off coded integrations. 

It’s an exciting time in the low-code movement because organizations, large and small, are recognizing that they don’t need sophisticated technical proficiency to provide value,” explains Redox CEO Luke Bonney. “Appian empowers them to build and change applications and workflows quickly and efficiently. Redox ensures that anyone using Appian can safely and securely integrate with any health system and any payer, at scale."


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