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Survey: 79% of IT Developers Say Low-Code Can Improve Key Aspects of Job Satisfaction

Appian Contributor
May 8, 2019

As emerging technologies increase the pressure on IT, developers cite “faster/easier development tools” as #1 way to help the IT organization 

RESTON, VA – Appian (NASDAQ: APPN), today announced survey results exploring how low-code application development can improve key aspects of IT developer job satisfaction. The data shows that IT is feeling increased pressure from changing business expectations in the face of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA). The data further shows that IT developers believe low-code technologies can help improve the worst aspects of their jobs and support IT business goals for the coming year.

The “Impact of Low-code on IT Satisfaction” survey, sponsored by Appian and conducted by IDG, shows that IT developers state the worst aspects of their jobs are #1) time spent troubleshooting application issues, #2) time constraints and deadline pressures, #3) time wasted on repetitive coding tasks, and #4) lack of opportunity to work on strategic projects.

When respondents were asked about low-code development’s ability to impact areas of low IT satisfaction:

  • 80% agree that low-code is useful for automation of repetitive development tasks, such as coding forms and business rules.
  • More than two-thirds (68%) agree that low-code is viable for the development of mission-critical applications.
  • Nearly 80% believe that using low-code can free up developer time to work on higher-level projects.

86% of IT developers agree that emerging technology is increasing the pressure on the IT organization. This increased pressure is most often felt in the form of requests for new emerging technology applications, and requests to integrate emerging technology with legacy systems and data. The types of revenue-generating and performance-improving applications that developers say are most in demand at their organizations are:

  • Applications that improve the customer experience/increase customer engagement (68%)
  • Applications that optimize internal operations and processes (61%)
  • Applications that enable innovation (57%)

Despite customer experience apps being the most requested, fewer than 50% of all respondents say their organization is “extremely or very” effective at integrating AI and RPA into customer service workflows. Due to a fractured IT landscape, respondents estimate that service reps must open an average of 5 screens to get a full view of the customer today. Developing more intuitive and user-friendly apps is the #1 obstacle, followed by ensuring data security, and enabling the use of emerging technology for greater customer insights.

When asked, “With respect to the development of applications utilizing emerging technologies, what is the one thing that would help your IT organization the most?,” IT developer respondents cited  “faster/easier development tools” as the #1 response.

To learn more about how low-code provides the fastest route to business value from emerging technologies, while also improving job satisfaction for IT developers, read the full “Impact of Low-code on IT Satisfaction” survey report.


The survey, conducted by IDG, gathered responses between March and April 2019. Respondents comprised of 150 IT leaders (C-level to director) and 150 IT developers/engineers/architects at companies with more than 1,000 employees.

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