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Appian Taps the Power of the Collaborative Employee to Drive Digital Business Transformation

Appian Contributor
November 24, 2014

Industry-Wide Survey Cites Value of Broad Enterprise Platform to Engage Employees and Ensure Business Growth

RESTON, Va.—November 24, 2014— Appian, provider of the leading application platform for Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management solutions, recently conducted an international survey of IT and business professionals using enterprise technology to drive digital business transformation and achieve goals in process excellence. Survey respondents across a variety of industries (financial services, retail, insurance, and others) described their use of enterprise technologies such as cloud computing, mobility, data management, and social collaboration to ensure business growth and achieve customer satisfaction. Appian partnered with the Process Excellence Nextwork (PEX) to conduct and produce survey results.

According to the survey, 37 percent of respondents cited data and analytics as the most important emerging technology to their business success. Enterprise mobility also plays a major role, as 70 percent of respondents stated that up to a quarter of their business is already mobile. Respondents indicated that cloud computing will continue to play a crucial role in business development, as nearly 40 percent of respondents believe that as much as half of their business applications will be hosted in the cloud this time next year.

Though survey results indicate that while innovation is a prevalent goal, 40 percent of respondents said their company still has a “huge backlog” of development work before implementing a modern approach to enterprise technology. In addition, 60 percent stated employees still do not have access to key enterprise data or core business procedures accessible via mobile platform. Alarmingly, not a single survey respondent expressed improved employee experience as a factor in improving customer experience or achieving other business goals. This highlights a glaring omission in strategy as organizations galvanize to embrace “the age of the customer.”

Read our whitepaper on how Appian’s enterprise application platform delivers a modern approach to application development, where employees are more engaged, more connected to processes and data, and able to make smarter decisions through increased knowledge and awareness. Business transformation through an application platform approach allows organizations to harness mobile, data, social collaboration and cloud in one company-wide environment. Making all data and processes available through an intuitive platform allows employees to be more engaged and effective, and better-able to support customer service goals and other business objectives.

“Our survey indicates that more and more organizations are embracing enterprise technology to grow their business and reach consumers in the era of digital business,” said Matt Calkins, President and CEO at Appian. “Appian provides the platform needed to drive rapid value from technologies such as cloud, data, social and mobile in one easy to use interface that is as engaging for employees as it is for customers.”

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