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Appian Receives Outstanding Rating in New Gartner, Inc. Report on Critical Capabilities for Case Management Frameworks

Appian Contributor
February 24, 2014

Reston, Va.— February 24, 2014 — Appian, the market leader in modern business process management (BPM) software, today announced that the Appian BPM Suite has been given a rating of “Outstanding” in the new Gartner, Inc. “Critical Capabilities for Case Management Frameworks” report (Gartner, Inc. by J. Hill, February 12, 2014). The report evaluated 11 software providers against 11 critical capabilities, and across four common case management use cases. “Outstanding” is the highest rating possibly given in the report methodology.

The report states that, “Case management solutions treat a “case” as the primary aspect of work to be managed to a successful outcome; workflow is secondary. Cases do not progress serially nor predictably. There are multiple dependent workflows and associated object types, such as data, content, people, machines and policies. These interdependent relationships are the key architectural challenge.”

Gartner’s analysis has determined that case management frameworks (CMF) built on BPM suites “offer an alternative to specialty applications and custom coding to help solution architects and business process directors implement case management solutions…Compared with COTS applications, CMFs built on a business process management suite (BPMS) are easier to change and extend by altering visual metadata via models.”

Appian’s rating of “Outstanding” is based on Gartner’s assessment of overall product viability across the dimensions of Strategy, Support, Execution, and Investment for case management.

Case Management is a process solution style that involves a combination of structured yet dynamic exchange of information and collaboration between skilled knowledge workers, customers and support staff. The interactions between people, process, data, and content are often dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. Appian provides a single integrated suite that accelerates case handling and ensures consistency across the organization and within each transaction to deliver quality service that is repeatable and scalable. Appian supports the needs of today’s modern knowledge workers in accessing information so they can collaborate, making smart decisions, and taking prompt actions as part of a process to achieve business results.

“Appian’s integrated Work Platform accelerates smarter business decisions and actions,” said Matthew Calkins, president and CEO of Appian. “This is particularly true in case management work styles that require easy enterprise data navigation and knowledge worker collaboration within the guidelines of corporate policies and procedures to drive rapid case resolution.”

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