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Appian Cloud Receives PCI Compliance Accreditation

Appian Contributor
January 1, 2020

Application Platform Meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

RESTON, Va.—November 10, 2014— Appian, provider of the leading platform for Business Process Management, Case Management, CRM and SaaS Cloud applications, today announced it has added a new offering, Appian Cloud Advanced, which has been certified as compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) maintained by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

The PCI Data Security Standard is a globally-accepted security standard that customers use to support a wide range of sensitive workloads, including, storing sensitive payment card data. Appian’s accreditation demonstrates that Appian Cloud Advanced meets the extensive requirements. PCI DSS compliance is the latest in Appian Cloud’s long list of security and standards certifications, ensuring that organizations around the world can trust Appian with sensitive data, including payment card information. Appian Cloud Advanced customers can request the PCI Attestation of Compliance and a package that describes the PCI DSS control responsibilities between Appian and its customers.

Appian Cloud is acknowledged by industry analysts as the leading platform for BPM Platform-as-a-Service. Hundreds of commercial and government organizations around the world use Appian’s modern BPM-driven application platform as a single environment for the delivery and consumption of applications that accelerate smarter decisions and actions across the enterprise. This speed and intelligence is derived from Appian’s native mobile accessibility through all major mobile devices (and via web browser), its intuitive social interface requiring little or no training, and complete enterprise data navigation through Appian Records. Appian is also unique in its “Portable Cloud” architecture that enables full-featured use on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, with migration between hosting options.

“Appian Cloud is the fastest and most effective way to deliver modern applications that transform business operations,” said Myles Weber, Vice President of Cloud and Community Services at Appian. “Our PCI DSS compliance investment is yet another demonstration of our commitment to providing independent compliance verification of our Cloud platform for customers with sensitive workloads.”

Appian provides all the necessary components to rapidly deploy new process-based applications in the cloud via a Platform as a Service. Users can easily design, execute, manage, and optimize key business applications through a web browser. Appian Cloud features attributes such as instant project start, state-of-the-art enabling technologies, continuous innovation, native mobile apps, personalized branding, simplified operations, support for corporate system integrations and localized hosting.

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Appian is a software company that automates business processes. The Appian AI Process Platform includes everything you need to design, automate, and optimize even the most complex processes, from start to finish. The world's most innovative organizations trust Appian to improve their workflows, unify data, and optimize operations—resulting in better growth and superior customer experiences.

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