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Appian Named to Inc. Magazine s 2013 Hire Power Awards

Appian Contributor
October 31, 2013

Business Process Innovator Recognized as a Top American Job Creator for Private Companies

RESTON, Va.–October 31, 2013– Appian, the market leader in modern business process management (BPM) software, has been selected for the Inc. Magazine 2013 “Hire Power Awards,” recognizing private companies that are leading the way in creating American jobs. The award recognizes Appian’s job creating efforts over the past 18 months, in which the organization has created 37 new, full-time positions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 222,000 full-time jobs were added in 2012—compare those numbers to the honorees of the Inc. magazine’s “Hire Power Awards,” which created 69,182 jobs between January 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Appian is among the 437 private growth companies honored, leading the way in creating more American jobs. While the honorees are found across the country in 25 categories, industries with the most Hire Power companies include health, financial services, software, human resources and IT services.

“For the second year in a row, we are pleased to recognize the employers who are putting Americans back to work,” says Eric Schurenberg, Editor-in-Chief of Inc. “The “Hire Power Awards” are the only awards that single out job creators. We think it’s fitting to pay tribute to company founders not just for their business prowess but also for their immense contribution to the welfare of U.S. workers and the vitality of the U.S. economy.”

Appian puts a strong emphasis on its hiring efforts at professional and university levels, with a dedicated recruiting team led by Appian Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Michael Beckley. During peak recruiting, Beckley can spend up to 80 percent of his time on recruiting activities. Appian is currently involved in a rigorous schedule of on-campus visits to leading math and science universities to speak with prospective hires, along with in-person interviews at Appian headquarters. Appian is looking to hire 120 new employees in 2013 for both U.S. and international positions, and is currently on pace to meet this goal by the end of the year.

Appian feels each employee has the “Right to Amaze” in their daily work, which is essential for supporting Appian’s top priority of ensuring customer success and satisfaction. Appian has sought to be a BPM industry innovator since it was founded, and this is exemplified through detailed hiring efforts. Often times, aptitude takes precedent over experience when looking at candidates in order to ensure each new hire fits Appian’s culture of innovation.

“Appian continues to aggressively pursue the best and brightest to add to our growing culture of innovation despite the overall economic status of American job creation,” said Appian CTO Michael Beckley. “Continued innovation excellence is only possible when you hire the best talent that can flourish in a best idea wins environment.”

Appian continues to hire across the organization to meet the global demand for its BPM platform. For information on employment opportunities, visit Appian Jobs.

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