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Appian Brings Enterprise Data to Worksocial with Appian Records

Appian Contributor
April 30, 2013

Browse, Update and Take Action on Data from Any Enterprise System Through a Single Social Interface

Reston, Va.— April 30, 2013 —Today at the Appian World 2013 conference, Appian will demonstrate the latest capabilities of the Appian business process management (BPM) suite, including the innovative Appian Records functionality. With Appian Records, Appian is the first vendor in the industry to solve the business performance and visibility problems created by siloed sets of enterprise data across the organization. The result is faster and smarter actions by customer-facing employees, increased collaboration and productivity across the organization, and holistic visibility into the overall health of the business for executives.

“Appian Records is a monumental advance for accelerating business performance in a data-driven world,” said Matt Calkins, President and CEO at Appian. “Organizations are overwhelmed by application and data sprawl. Data-first design in a process context delivered through a social interface is the next frontier of modern business technology.”

Appian Records embraces a “data-first” design model that brings enterprise data navigation, orchestration, collaboration, and reporting to a new level of ease. Through a single social interface, business users can easily manage, access and update the data they need to do their jobs – regardless of where that data resides. In addition to enabling better-informed decision making, Appian Records also eliminates the fractured, time-consuming work style of constantly switching between a variety of applications in order to complete business actions.

For example, a customer Record could include a variety of data from CRM, ERP, Legal and other systems. A call center representative fielding a support call can now for the first time see the customer’s complete status in one simple view, and can immediately take the appropriate action. That may be to log a trouble ticket to kick off a resolution process, or it may be to prompt the Account Manager that an invoice dispute needs to be resolved before support action is initiated. This unique capability extends Appian’s leadership for Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Management solutions.

Appian Records is a key component of worksocial, Appian’s innovative integration of work automation, social collaboration and mobile access in a single enterprise software platform. Using standard data integration frameworks, Appian Records enables designers to quickly define a common and secure method for users to browse and take action upon enterprise data sources. Once a Record is defined, enterprise data is instantly imbued with:

  • Navigation: Business users can easily browse and filter enterprise data from a single intuitive interface. Appian provides a rich web interface and native mobile applications on all major mobile platforms for fast, simple, and secure access to data from the office or in the field.
  • Process Orchestration: Appian’s market leading BPM platform allows fast and scalable process orchestration of your enterprise data using Appian’s intuitive BPMN-based process modeler. Appian’s native integration frameworks, robust human task management, events processing, and data rules allow designers to easily create and execute process orchestrations involving enterprise data.
  • Social Collaboration: Discover, securely share, comment and collaborate on your enterprise data with others, expanding participation and responsiveness to your Records. Appian’s intuitive social interface and seamless integration with your enterprise data enables users to easily share comments and information with key stakeholders to deliver context and accountability to social collaborations.
  • Enterprise Reporting: Make informed strategic decisions with real-time views and reports on all Records for data and process performance. Appian’s flexible reporting engine extends to all your Records, allowing for fast aggregations across all data sources to give you a single view into the health and status of your entire organization.

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