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Use Case: Pharmacovigilance

This large, multi-national pharmaceutical company has more than 100,000 employees and a global presence across more than 100 countries. With hundreds of marketed products, the company looked for a new way to improve safety signal tracking compliance and promote patient safety – with less effort.

Business Problem

The organization’s legacy paper-based processes around safety signal tracking, adjudication and responsive action (label changes, etc.) were inefficient. They required enormous manual effort, and created high risk of missing strict filing deadlines. The company’s lack of a central, secure repository for managing the complete lifecycle of a signal negatively impacted auditing.

Appian Solution

The Appian platform allowed the company to create a new and modern Safety Information Tracking System application that has increased the company’s compliance with Health Authority regulations to greater than 99.99% while reducing audit report generation from 6 days to mere seconds. The solution adds automation to key steps to accelerate processes and reduce errors. Appian Records allows the application to unify and present data from across systems to create a single comprehensive view for all. And, all of this was deployed in just 16 weeks.