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Use Case: Global Contracts On-Boarding

This large pharmaceutical / bio-tech company has more than $5 billion in annual revenue.

Business Problem

This global organization suffered from inefficient processes by which Clinical Study Managers could create new requests and RFPs for services to be performed by external vendors. There was a lack of process standardization, and much of the work required manual and paper based activities. The company’s Contracts and Outsourcing groups needed a better method to support bidding by Clinical Research Organizations.

Appian Solution

Using Appian, the organization created a modern solution that reduced contract on-boarding time by more than 60%. The solution streamlined the end-to-end process from RFP creation to contract execution while standardizing processes for improved measurement and predictability. Appian provides a unified view of Service Requests / RFPs and vendor responses, enabling quick comparison and efficient decision making. Notifications and alerts to internal stakeholders and external vendors help accelerate process completion.