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Texas Department of Public Safety

The mission of The Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) is to protect and serve the state of Texas and to seek continuous improvement in its operations, relationships, and security of all Texans. TXDPS works to prevent crime and terrorism, save lives and protect property, maintain public order, and provide effective, efficient, and secure licensing services.

Appian and Texas Department of Public Safety

Business Problem

The Texas Department of Public Safety Office of Procurement and Contract Services is responsible for the acquisition of all the goods and services used by the agency. The office was using several nonintegrated systems to manage hundreds of contracts, which led to a slow, manual contract award process.

Appian Solution

The Office of Procurement and Contract Services streamlined its contract awards process end to end utilizing Appian’s Government Award Management solution. Deployed in just three months by the first Gold-Level Appian Acquisition Accredited Partner, Deloitte, the solution allows TXDPS to efficiently exercise contract options, monitor contract deliverables, upload contracts, add amendments, and process renewals.

Appian Award Management gives federal contracting organizations and program management offices the power to manage all contract award processes, activities, and data in a compliant, consistent, and reportable way. The application guides contracting and program office staff through the award management process and ensures that the process fully complies with the FAR/DFARS, agency supplements, and agency policies.

Key benefits:

  • More than 15,000 contract actions were migrated for daily management.
  • There is now a centralized system where all information is viewable by more than 10,000 stakeholders.
  • Faster turnaround time allows the Office of Procurement and Contract Services to ensure the integrity of underlying data associated with contracts.
  • The Office of Procurement and Contract Services can now better plan for enhancements and upgrades.

I thought low-code was going to be something difficult to grasp, but as we're maneuvering, we see that low-code is easier for configuration. And it's expandable, it's scalable. It's going to raise the bar in terms of projects and how they need to run. It established some best practices for us.
Jasmine Robinson
Project Manager, Enterprise Project Management Office, Texas Department of Public Safety