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SSQ Insurance

SSQ Insurance is a Canadian insurance and financial services provider, serving more than three million customers with life, property & casualty, and group insurance. SSQ is one of the largest Canadian co-operatives, with roughly $11 billion in assets.

SSQ Insurance: Optimizing the Customer Experience with Appian's Low-Code Platform


Business Problem

SSQ saw a number of opportunities to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through the use of modern automation technologies. Customer requests submitted across various channels at the time were all processed manually. Many came via email and were routed to dedicated inboxes for each client. This required SSQ service agents to monitor up to 300 inboxes, with no automated process for service case management and workload distribution.

Appian Solution

Appian’s low-code platform offered SSQ complete visibility into, and control over, requests from individual insurance participants. Agents now have access to a web-based interface that serves as a central location to receive, track, and update customer requests, regardless of the channel through which they were submitted.

The application automated the service request process from start to finish, cutting the time from request to resolution in half (from 15 days to 7). The application, delivered under the Appian Guarantee, was deployed in just 8 weeks.