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Riyadh Airports

Riyadh Airports Company (RAC) was established in 2016 as a part of the privatization program of the aviation sector in Saudi Arabia. It is now managing and operating King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in the Saudi Arabian capital, expanding to offer new services and facilities, and upgrading the KKIA infrastructure. 

Business Challenge

Prior to Appian, each RAC department operated in a silo, contributing to conflict and overlapping and inconsistent reports from different departments and legacy systems. As there were no digital real-time KPIs or a dashboard to monitor and control business activities, these siloes also impacted adoption of official business rules and behaviors.

Additionally, manual paper processes and the need for written signatures led to employees spending excessive time and effort on tasks and fostered a working environment that lacked trust. RAC needed an automated and digitized system to help employees work more efficiently.

Appian Solution

Using the Appian platform, RAC created the Airport Central Operation solution, a unified solution for better inter-department collaboration. This included a digitized internal workflow process and automated business processes to ensure operations run smoothly.

Moving from manual to digital processes meant avoiding human error and enabled greater control, easier operations, and more accurate results.

Since implementing the Airport Central Operation solution, RAC has been able to enhance their partner and customer relationships, provide analytical reports to improve customer experiences, and increase efficiency to the point where what previously took two days to a week now takes just five minutes.