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Bendigo Bank

With $66 billion in assets and 1.6 million customers, Bendigo Bank is considered one of the largest banks in Australia. Even so, it still believed it had much work to do to break down silos and connect disparate portion of its operations into one unified, quality customer experience.

Digital Transformation at Bendigo Bank

Business Problem

A few years ago, the bank re-organized everything to become obsessed with the customer experience. It did away with the organizational separations across its divisions for Retail Banking, Credit Cards, Lending, Institutional Banking, etc. The bank instead aligned to the core entities or roles of the organization – servicing the customer, working with partners and looking at innovation.

To go “all-in” on customer obsession, the bank’s CIO, Andrew Watt, became the bank’s Executive for Customer Service Improvement (CSI), with the entire program reporting directly to CFO Richard Fennell. The CSI division’s charter includes acting as custodian of the bank’s technology strategy.  Mr. Watt and his team knew they needed a new way to enact Bendigo’s customer obsession through software. They put Appian at the center of their strategy.

Appian Solution

In 18 months, the bank rolled out 25 customer-focused enterprise applications on Appian. The bank also has an additional 12 ‘citizen developer’ Appian applications through its innovative ‘In Business Programme.”

Nearly every one of these enterprise applications is considered by the bank to be a Tier 1, critical customer-impacting process. Appian is running ATM Management, Credit Card Management, Fraud Management, Disputes, Loans, Mortgages, Merchant Services, and more.

The bank’s vision is that by mid-2017, every employee at Bendigo Bank will be an Appian user. This is an organization that has truly adopted Appian as their enterprise BPM/Apps platform. And it’s all in direct service of the customer.

Our vision is to make our customers’ journey completely seamless, regardless of which part of our bank they interacting with. The speed at which Appian helped us develop and deliver these mission-critical applications made them the ideal partner to bring our vision to life.

Andrew Watts
Executive for Customer Service Improvement, Bendigo Bank