What's New

Removing Barriers to Data

Develop and deploy applications and automations fast with low-code data that eliminates database programming.


Highly performant data for faster business impact.

Take advantage of data sync to build your applications quicker. 

  • Access more without sacrificing performance—a record type can now sync double the number of rows from a source, going from 500,000 to 1,000,000. 
  • Quickly relate data with new one-to-many record type relationships that provide a holistic view of your data.
  • Create multiple record list actions, allowing you to start multiple processes directly from the record list.

Complete automation.

Deliver faster automation and greater resource utilization.

  • Develop RPA automations faster by natively recording and documenting each step in your process as you go. 
  • Make automations faster by skipping setup and cleanup for consecutive RPA executions.
  • Reduce automation overhead and tech debt by utilizing dynamically selected credentials.
  • Lower the barrier to automated document processing and increase data security by using Appian native table extraction.

Speed up your development life cycle.

Accelerate development by making it easier than ever to collaborate and enhance productivity.

  • Create the supporting objects for new record actions directly from your record Type.
  • Quickly find the interface you're looking for with new interface previews.
  • Ensure best practices and long-term governance by specifying and enforcing an app prefix for all objects.

Vibrant and productive UIs.

Make sure your users love your apps.

  • Create more intuitive UIs with 2.5x more icons available. Choose the preferred dialog size for a record action to make the form look just right for each action.
  • Achieve more whitespace throughout your UIs with increased control parameters for a cleaner and more attractive look.

Learn more about all of the enhancements in 21.3.