What's New?

Appian 22.3:

10x Faster Business Transformation with Unified  Technology

Appian 22.3 democratizes data modeling and automation with codeless modeling and updated automation capabilities, enabling any user to deliver workflows and applications fast without ever having to write a single line of code. #lowcode4all

“One thing I like about Appian is that they keep evolving.”
- Jaishanker Vijayakumar

Codeless data modeling in Appian Records.

Create data models for your applications, no SQL required.

  • Build data models from scratch or update existing ones without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Empower new developers to build data-driven apps without needing to know SQL.
  • Create data models faster and reduce errors.
“The moment you log in, you can see more details. It's a complete revamp. I really like it. Someone new will see how beautiful it is right from the beginning.”
- Aviroop Dasgupta

Enhanced RPA task recorder.

Automate with ease.

  • Record and automate interactions with Microsoft Office and legacy Windows applications.
  • Simplify bot development, saving work hours.
  • Reduce errors, like email address and order typos.
“Our clients are looking to expand usage of Appian, bringing in more data, larger quantities of data. Immediate data sync is setting them up for success.We can accelerate the way people pull in enterprise data. It will be speedy, it will be reliable and will be from a system of truth.”
- Christine Hutchinson

Appian Portals enhancements.

Create more customized user experiences.

  • Customize typefaces to match your organization’s brand.
  • Set the default locale, time zone, and calendar in your portal to match your environment’s settings or customize to your regional needs.
  • Create consistent user experiences to match your branded content across the digital landscape.
Appian Portals

Get hands-on experience today.

  • Free online training for all levels and skill sets.
  • Guided learning paths for evaluating the platform or becoming an Appian Certified Developer.
  • Dedicated cloud environment for building apps without time constraints.
  • Includes prebuilt applications, like our new Net Zero Carbon app.

Watch the webinar.

Watch on demand as Malcolm Ross, Appian VP of Product Strategy and Deputy CTO, walks you through the latest low-code features and enhancements in Appian 22.3.