What's New?

Appian 22.1:

An experience you’ve never had before.

Deliver a powerful total experience to your customers, partners, and employees, all from a single, unified low-code platform. Discover process improvement opportunities. Design streamlined workflows. Automate everything. 

Appian Process Mining

Discover bottlenecks and take action, fast.

  • Go from insight to action in a single platform.
  • Visualize process inefficiencies to quickly identify bottlenecks.
  • Simplifying data transformation and preparation with Mining Prep.

Appian Portals.

The front door to your applications.

  • Design, publish, and manage external web portals rapidly with low-code.
  • Connect external users directly to your organization's apps and internal workflows—no login required.
  • Automatically scale web portals based on fluctuations in demand.

Record level security.

Enterprise data security with low-code.

  • Translate complex security measures into powerful business rules with ease.
  • Simplify security maintenance with dynamic rules that automatically account for changes.
  • Ensure the right people have access to the right data in your apps.
Enterprise Data Security Platform
Appian Community Edition

Get hands-on experience today at no cost with Appian Community Edition.

  • Free online training and hands-on tutorials for all levels and skill sets.
  • Guided paths for evaluating the platform or becoming an Appian Certified Developer.
  • Dedicated cloud environment for building apps without time constraints.

And much more...

Learn about all of the enhancements in 22.1.