What's New

Extend the reach and impact of your organization.

Build powerful mobile, AI, and data intensive apps to connect with your customers and employees anywhere.


Dynamic offline mobile.

Unleash productivity anywhere, anytime.

  • Empower users to be productive anywhere, with or without internet connectivity. 
  • Create sophisticated, rich mobile offline user experiences that are on par with online experiences.
  • No high-code required.

Appian native intelligent document processing (IDP).

Securely automate document processing with native AI.

  • Eliminate manual document processing with native AI-based document extraction.
  • Keep your data secure in Appian Cloud by eliminating the need to use third party AI services.
  • Process up to 20,000 pages per month for free.

More powerful low-code data reporting.

One click, all the answers.

  • Unlock new insights faster with one-click reporting - no database programming or manipulation required.
  • Use custom record fields to aggregate data across record types and filters.
  • Select the data you need without difficult database programming with custom search and user filters.

Try all these new features today with Appian Community Edition.

  • Free online training and hands-on tutorials for all levels and skill sets.
  • Guided paths for evaluating the platform or becoming an Appian Certified Developer.
  • Dedicated cloud environment for building apps without time constraints.

Learn more about all of the enhancements in 21.4.