The Appian Edge

Free Appian training and certification for Pega certified practitioners.

Keep your edge.

Organizations and developers are reconsidering their use of Pega following the Appian v. Pega judgment.

Expand your skill set and continue to provide value to your team and clients. The Appian Edge program offers free certification to safeguard your career and ensure continued impact on mission-critical projects.

Free Appian training and certification.

Get Trained

Follow self-paced, online learning paths to quickly learn and get hands-on with your own Appian environment.

Get Certified

Use your free exam voucher to get Appian certified, the industry standard for recognizing Appian expertise.

3 ways Appian upgrades your technical capabilities.

Speed of development.

Developers build apps 10x faster with Appian than with traditional code, making it easier and more efficient for practitioners to deliver value quickly.

Easy integrations.

With both out-of-the-box and custom integrations with our SAIL design system, Appian provides everything to make design and implementation easy.

Build your first app in 30 minutes.

No need for mastery of a complex proprietary system. Appian streamlines the learning process so practitioners can quickly leverage the platform's full power.

Why Sthuthi bet her career on Appian.


I had the luck to work on multiple workflow technologies, including Pega, and the tool I wanted to stick with was Appian.

Go to the website, understand the potential, and just do a job search. You can see how many opportunities in Appian come up.

- Stuthi Devadas, Associate Director, Vuram  

Get your free Appian certification.

Frequently asked questions.

Appian Edge offers free Appian training and certification to any Pega certified practitioner. 

You are qualified to apply if you hold one of the following Pega certifications. 

  • Certified Pega Business Architect
  • Certified Pega System Architect
  • Certified Pega Senior System Architect
  • Certified Pega Lead System Architect
  • Certified Pega Robotics System Architect

You may use this verification tool to confirm your certification status. 

Learning Appian is self-paced through online learning paths. Practitioners with no prior Appian experience can typically learn and get certified in as little as 8 weeks. Developers may be project-ready in as little as 2 weeks. 

You have 90 days from time of delivery to use your free certification exam voucher.

Appian developers are in-demand more than ever. 

Certification is the industry standard for recognizing Appian expertise. With badges for your Appian Community and professional profiles, you will be easily recognized for your Appian skills by future clients and employers. 

Learn more about Appian certifications here

Individual practitioners with Pega certification should apply for their own free Appian certification exam vouchers.

If your team includes non-Pega practitioners and you would like to purchase 50+ vouchers for Appian certification, please contact for a group discount. 

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