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Telecom and Media

Unleash your innovation.

Combine effortless power, speed, and agility to modernize applications up to 15x faster than traditional development to manage OpEx more efficiently, accelerate return on CapEx for large-scale projects, and reinvent the customer experience.

See how our customers are improving their processes.

Enabling Wireline Business Success

Discover how T-Mobile (formerly Sprint) is using Appian within their wireline business for improving network densification and processes around ordering, provisioning, billing, and support.

The Future of Supply Chain Orchestration

Discover how organizations are innovating across their supply chains to ensure resiliency and agility in the new normal.

Drive innovation initiatives across telecommunications and media.

Deliver quality solutions for unique and evolving business needs to better support operations, customers, and partners.

Customer Experience

Improve the end-to-end customer experience, from Know Your Customer (KYC) to a streamlined customer service experience.


Network Operations

Automate workflows and unify systems for a faster rollout experience and enhanced visibility into field service and claims management.

Corporate Services

 Streamline organizational processes and improve efficiency across finance, IT, HR, and legal functions.

Safety, Risk and Compliance

Achieve transparency and improve internal monitoring to ensure safer operations and compliance with evolving regulations.

“We needed a system that was scalable enough to support the growth that will come with 5G. Requirements included efficiency, scalability, connectivity and automation."

- Moutie Wali, Director of Technology Strategy, Telus

3 of the top 5 Streaming Media companies and 8 of the top 20 Telecommunications providers trust Appian with their Digital Transformation initiatives.

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