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Employee and contractor onboarding.

Complete visibility across on-boarding and security clearance processes.

Hiring and on-boarding qualified employees and contractors is important for all government agencies. Appian automates employee and contractor on-boarding, off-boarding, and security processing. The app provides a standardized approach to on-boarding new employees and contractors that can adapt quickly as your agency’s needs change. Each employee and contractor has a single record that tracks all activity over the course of their employment.

Background investigation workflow guides staff through process completion, increases collaboration between investigators, and manages adjudication results. Security card requests are managed end-to-end, guaranteeing a clear chain of custody and minimizing security breaches. Personalized onboarding and security clearance dashboards for each department and executive provide complete visibility.

Features at a glance:
  • Gain enterprise visibility and control across the hiring and on-boarding lifecycle
  • Increase HR, financial, and security audit compliance with fully documented case history
  • Improve contractor management with a central system of record for contractor data
  • Protect personally identifiable information (PII) with advanced security controls
  • Improve implementation of personnel security standards, processes, and practices