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Asset data management.

Optimize asset utilization and budget spending.

Federal Government and DoD organizations spend a tremendous amount of money managing physical assets. Often, these applications are extremely expensive and complex. Many customers typically own multiple software solutions to manage these assets, which creates disjointed data and difficulty in achieving a true “single point of truth”. Appian can unify all data about assets into a single, actionable solution.

Appian optimizes asset utilization and budget spending by providing accurate, real-time data on an organization’s complete physical asset inventory. Assets (i.e. vehicles) are organized into groups (i.e. fleets) and associated with appropriate metadata to facilitate extensive search and inventory control.

Comprehensive reporting metrics help managers ensure compliance and efficiency of assets by providing insight into utilization, status, and costs viewed from a variety of business perspectives, such as time, asset, and owner. The comprehensive history of an asset can be viewed from a central record, giving users the ability to view and manage details on maintenance history, usage, incidents, financials, and associated documents like warranties and receipts. Asset transfer requests can be made to support logistical needs across the organization, with audit capability to ensure a clear chain of custody.