Connected Onboarding

Modernize and automate customer lifecycle management.

Trusted by leading Financial Services institutions.

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Onboarding institutional clients is complex, risky and unacceptably slow. It often takes many months to onboard an institution as a client and the stakes are high — the longer the onboarding window, the greater the risk of delay or loss of revenue.

What is needed is a flexible solution that takes the risk out of onboarding, accelerates time to revenue, and empowers business users with complete control of the onboarding journey.

Connected, automated and personalized.

Process Configuration

Empower business users to configure and change the onboarding process on-the-fly without having to rely on IT.

Connected Experience

Benefit from an intuitive internal and external data collection process and seamless integration with CRM and industry data sources.

Intelligent Automation

Automate document processing with machine learning and leverage RPA to automate human and system tasks.

Self-Service Client Portal

Enable end user clients to create service requests, upload documents and review the status of open items.

Onboard faster. Manage exceptions. Reduce compliance overhead.

Customer Success Stories

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State Street

Improved onboarding time by 20% in 1 year, realized a 30% improvement in operational efficiency and reduced losses due to errors by 50%.

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Addiko Bank

Simplified and digitized their loan process into 3 steps, reduced business lending approval time to 3 working days, and cut customer wait time by 57%.

The low-code, rapid deployment, and easy-to-tweak nature of the Appian platform has leant itself well to the requirements of technology-savvy capital markets firms.

– Aite Impact Matrix: Client Life Cycle Management Vendor Review