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Do You Recognize the Warning Signs?

Appian Contributor
February 5, 2016

If you have IT systems, you may have a problemÖ

And you may not even realize it.

You know those stories...the ones where people find out they've been doing something forever, and it may not be the right way?

Just to make sure you know what I mean, here are a few taken from this reddit page (note: though entertaining, this linkdoes containsome language NSFW).

Perhaps you've experienced something like these scenarios in your personal life:

"Eating sunflower seeds. Once ate some with a friend, only to see him spitting something out afterwards. Apparently you're supposed to de-shell them like pistachios. Makes sense now, but I still eat them whole."

"I used to think when a guy on tv was asking a girl out he was asking if she wanted to go "study" instead of "steady." The coolest kids on tv studied all the time."

"Apparently, I was supposed to add water to my Campbell's Soup all these years."

Oh. My. Gosh.

Well, the same thing happens all the time in the business world.

Could the very solutions you bought to solve tough business problems nowcause them?

Recognize thewarning signs:

    • You navigate multiple systems searching for something you're not sure exists.

    • You're never certain the data you have is current...or complete.

    • Your employees spend nearly half their time looking or finding...instead of doing.

Sound familiar? You may have a monster problem on your hands.

Check out this videoandsee what I meanÖ

Slay the beast once and for all.

    • Unify your data.

    • Align it with your processes.

    • Have the confidence you are making the right decisions and taking the right actions.

Because Process + Data = no more monster.

Because Process + Data = your success.

Zach Messler