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Business Transformation and BPM Software

Ben Farrell
March 11, 2016

What are your business transformation priorities, and how are you going to achieve them?

New survey data fromActivate Marketing Services shows that creating a better customer experience lies at the heart of transformation objectives for most people in business and IT. The data also shows the strong connection between successful transformation initiatives and the use of a modern BPM software platform.

The customer experience is a journey, and improving every step of that journey goes hand-in-hand with better employee engagement, speed and productivity across all of the customer-impacting work in an organization. Mobility and self-service for customers may be a good starting place, but it's only the tip of the iceberg.

According to the survey, "unifying data to accelerate decision-making" is identified as the best way to address the needs of both customers and employees. That, of course, is what Appian Records is all about - bringing together a complete view of any key corporate asset, be it a customer, a product, a regulatory compliance program, or anything else.

There are, of course, significant obstacles to achieving this sort of transformation. Hard-to-use software tools that create steep training barriers is number 1 in the survey data, followed closely by the siloed nature of today's enterprise, and the rigidity of traditional applications and IT infrastructure.

Enter modern BPM software.

71 percent of survey respondents say a modern BPM software platform plays a critical role in enabling an organization to overcome theseobstacles and respond with agility in addressing business and IT priorities. BPM software ties togetherpeople, processes and data, so that business tasks and IT resources are aligned for efficient execution. Whennew business opportunities arise, BPM enables an organization to transform its processes to seize thoseopportunities.

Survey respondents are not looking for traditional "single-use," or departmental BPM.73 percent say they need a platform thatcan serve multiple enterprise needs to achieve their transformation goals. They wantto deploy BPM broadly and in a unifiedway across the organization. This also highlights the desire forbroadly applicable solutions thatovercome the primary obstacle oftechnologies that are not easy to use and require too muchtraining.

There is a wealth of additional data in the survey report. Read it here, and think about your business transformation goals. Then contact Appian and we will help get you there.

-Ben Farrell, Vice President, Communications