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The Appian Case Management Framework

Jorge Sanchez, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Appian
April 17, 2015

Realizing your vision for your business in a custom software application is hard. Even with the acclaimed ease-of-use of the Appian Platform, giving customers a starting point and base framework can rapidly accelerate the implementation of your next great idea. To support this, Appian has evolved our prior reference application into a comprehensive Case Management Framework.

The Appian Case Management Framework (CMF) provides a complete, pre-built solution that highlights many of the common use case patterns of case management, such as service requests, process to decision, and investigations.

In addition, the Appian CMF provides base Records to manage core case types. These include pre-defined data, rule, and process structures for

    • Customers

    • Products

    • Orders

    • Users

    • Customer Service Requests

    • Investigations

Each of these is designed as a reusable base framework that can be quickly extended to meet your organization's unique needs.

The application was developed following Appian best practices and styling recommendations. It can be used not only as a starting point for a similarly required solution, but also as a learning and training tool. While it contains well developed and even complex app components, it is also meant to exemplify Appian design concepts while accelerating deployments and enablement.

The pre-built solutions and components were created with flexibility in mind, so organizations can adjust them to fit their needs and goals. Also, it requires no third-party tools or plugins:therefore, it stands on its own and may be deployed on any instance of Appian (7.8 or later).

I encourage you to download the Appian Case Management Framework directly from Forum, where you will find the deployment and installation guide, as well as the End User guide. Additionally, if you're attending Appian World, you will get a look at the Case Management Framework in action, as several of our presenters will be using it to demo some of our newest Appian features.

Jorge Sanchez, Director, Product