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Sneak Peek: What Makes a Great App?

Appian Contributor
September 1, 2015


The app has transformed our lives.

Think about it. Could you go back and live your current life in 2004?

How about 1997?


Try and imagine conducting your life...coordinating your work, your family, your time without the convenience of apps.

Our devices and their growing capabilities have forever changed how we we we work.

Yes, consumer apps are fantastic! But what about business apps?

The custom business app is the most hated technology in any organization:

    • It is built for a unique circumstanceÖBut circumstances always change.

    • It promises to address unique challenges, perfectly...But over time, that happens less and less.

    • It is typically laser-focused on addressing a single issueÖBut that means it often operates in a silo, without access to evolving context.

Custom apps are tough: tough to build, tough to use, tough to change. That's why they suck the life out of internal IT, users, and executives hoping for a big impact.

At Appian, webelieve custom business apps should be great. And in 7 more cities on theAppian Around the World tour, you can learn what makes a great business app.

Great apps don't just build themselves. The reality? It takes an understanding of what works and what doesn't to create apps that people consider great.

At every stop on the Appian Around the World tour, you'll hear from expert app builders who have been there and done that. They'll share their experiences and help you better understand how to:

    • Create a data first design paradigm

    • Maximize business knowledge

    • Design intuitive and fit-for-purpose user experiences

    • Effectively take advantage of mobile enablement in your business operations

Appian Around the World is a series of complimentary events tailored for Appiancustomers and invited guests. At these intimate sessions, you''ll get deep insights intothe topics that matter most to your business and hear from peers sharing their stories.

For more information including specific locations, agendas, and scheduled speakers for each city or to register,

Zach Messler