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Ryder Travels the Road to Modern Apps Success with Appian

Staff, Appian
April 21, 2015

How do you set yourself apart from the rest? It's a question we all have to answer. What makes us different from everyone else? When it comes to business, a unique identity is critical to remain a step ahead of competitors.

But this has become increasing difficult for businesses across all industries. How do we become faster in an already sprinter-speed digital world? How do we satisfy the changing landscape of our customers' needs? How do we better the work environment so our employees can be at their best?

These are just a few of the biggest questions facing today's CIOs.

A growing way to answer business challenges lies in a new approach to custom software. Out with the single-purpose, limited and cumbersome off-the-shelf solution; in with an application platform design methodology that allows you to rapidly roll-out a series of business apps unique to your business...all built in-house.

This was the approach taken by Ryder Systems, Inc., a leadingtransportation and supply management company profiled last week by TheWall Street Journal's CIO Journal. Ryderisturning to Appian's modern application software approach to establish competitive advantage and transform business through a fully-digital customer experience and workplace environment.

Just over ayear ago, Ryder began its Appian journey by moving its entire rental transaction process into the world of mobility. Prior to this implementation, everything was done on paper, from the rental contracts and insurance documents completed in the branch office to the truck inspections around check-in/check-out done out in the yard. This process needed to be resigned for a more modern customer experience, handled on a single device, right there at the truck, soup to nuts.

The mobile signature app was launched in 2014, and it has had a tremendous impact, according to Ryder CIO Keyvan Bohlooli. The amount of time required to complete a rental agreement was cut in half - cut to nine to 14 minutes, down from 18 to 22 minutes. In addition, the percentage of agreements that require more than 20 minutes to complete has dropped to less than 1 percent.

"If we have to go and develop anything internally, we will use Appian. It is cheaper and faster and relates to the business," Mr. Bohlooli said. "One big feature is the social capability. We are interested in getting feedback on the applications and improving the product."

Be sure to read the entire piece from the Journal on what is a fantastic use case example of how an app platform approach to custom software can accelerate business operations.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager