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24 Hours with Appian: Tales from a Hackathon

Staff, Appian
November 4, 2015

What can you build with the Appian Platform, 24 hours, and plenty of snacks? Persistent Systems decided to find out at their Appian Center of Excellence Hackathon in October.

Approximately 90 Persistent Developers and Customer Executives gathered in Dublin, Ohio last week to celebrate the first anniversary of Persistent's Appian COE and test their Appian design skills. Customers attending included some of the largest names in hedge funds, insurance, manufacturing, and banking; and they each proposed a business problem to solve during the hackathon. Some examples:

    • End-to-End Project Implementation Management (Intake, Governance, Requirements Gathering, Design, Deployment)

    • Master Data Management

    • DevOps Solution (Application Deployment review, collaboration, and automation)

You might think these types of applications would take several months to build (or perhaps you bought a similar one off the shelf recently for millions of dollars!) and you're not alone. But the secret weapon -- the Appian Platform -- speeds up development in a number of ways, turning ideas into applications exceptionally quickly and effectively.*

The Winners:

The winning team built an implementation life-cycle tool to manage a project all the way from intake to deployment. This application would replace a largely manual process (relying heavily on e-mail) to greatly increase efficiency and reduce risk for any new project. The business workflow contained 6 different roles and at least 15 different stages. Managers also requested reports, bottleneck statistics, and dashboards in order to track project effectiveness.

Persistent Project Details

Project Ledger

Other Cool Apps:

Some other very impressive solutions included "Magic Deploy" (a DevOps tool to automate and speed up deployments across Appian environments) and a Master Data Management application (with auditing of external system data and fast-performance caching!)

Magic Deploy 1

Magic Deploy 3

Magic Deploy 2

MDM Screenshot

And there was even time left over for dancing.

Team Dance

Want to learn more about building great apps on the Appian Platform? Check out some of our product pages, watch a product or industry webinar, and browse existing solutions in the App Market. And if you're interested in hosting your own hackathon, let us know!

Thanks very much to Persistent Systems for their continued innovation and impact on the success of Appian's customers, and congratulations on a great event.

--Lizzie Epstein, Director of Platform Marketing, Appian

* For example, complex workflows can be modeled in Business Process Modeling Notation and executed instantly. Integrations to external systems come out-of-the-box. Designers create responsive, omni-channel User Interfaces without knowing web or mobile programming languages. Multiple developers coordinate on a single project using Appian's built-in security tools, versioning, and collaboration interface. Appian's process engine takes care of routing tasks, notifying the right people, and collecting metrics. Finally, everything you build magically works on mobile too.