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You Know You Need BPM When...12 Sure Fire Indicators

Appian Contributor
June 11, 2014

You might not be considering a BPM platform to solve your unique problems.

But, why?

Probably because the book on BPM says you use it to optimize processes and reduce costs. But not even considering BPM would be a mistake...and a big one at that.

BPM has been around for a long time, and many software vendors have made big promises, many of which have not come to pass. Don't allow these broken promises to cloud your judgment on just what exactly BPM can help your organization achieve.BPM has become much more than its legacy, and today, it is finally delivering on the promise.

So what are some reasons you might consider a BPM solution? Here are 12 of them we've collected from businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies from across the globe.

You know you need today's BPM whenÖ

    Your processes still leave a paper trailÖ.a REAL paper trail.

    You've tried Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, and other process improvement methodologies, and things are as inefficient as ever.

    Your IT team has multiple projects focused on building new solutions to problems you bought [insert vendor name here] to solve more than a year ago.

    All those off-the-shelf products you bought can't fully solve your problem(s).

    There are too many silos of information to count.

    You lose visibility of a process once it leaves your department.

    You have to log in to 8 systems just to get anything done.

    You deal with the swivel effect: look at this screen, then swivel to look at that screen.

    Different business units (or GASP! Departments!) have different systems for the same purpose.

    The software in place is inherently difficult to use.

    You need continual training to stay up to date on how to use all those different systems.

    Integration is a four-letter word...and that word is most definitely not 'easy.'

No matter your challenge, today's BPM can help. Don't dismiss BPM because you don't think you have a process problem...or you think your problem is unique to your organization, your process, your systems.

BPM can help IT be more strategic, improve business outcomes, and solve even your most unique challenges.

That's my take...What's yours? What are your toughest challenges?

Zach Messler

Director, Product Marketing