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Utilizing Cloud BPM [Video]

Ben Farrell
November 11, 2014


An interesting thing happened when organizations began moving to the cloud - they realized that cloud deployment not only improved business agility - but also simplified operations.

In the early days of cloud, most companies implemented the new technology with specific IT goals in mind including cost savings and easy data access from anywhere for on-site users.

In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review found that 32 percent of organizations that implemented the cloud in the first place said their main reason was business agility, with 37 percent saying they then witnessed simplification of their business operations through the cloud after deployment. Plus another 33 percent noted that the cloud allowed them to more effectively deliver internal resources.

That agility, simplification and deliverability can then in turn help improve overall business functionality as well as workers will be able to have access to the most relevant information and data they want when they need it from anywhere.

Organizations can unlock further potential of the cloud by deploying BPM solutions that support agility and accessibility for all workers 24/7.