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Optimize BPM with increased focus on the benefits

Ben Farrell
January 16, 2014

While focusing on the benefits provided by a solution may not seem like the best way to harness and improve those advantages, for firms investing in BPM software it can help drive their deployment strategy. Rather than centering on the solutions and strategies, companies should consider the gains they will achieve by investing in improved business process management and weigh their value in order to determine what steps are most important to their operational needs.

According to CMSWire, looking at the types of benefits achievable from a process management software investment and evaluating their importance will help companies see how they fit into their business priorities and the best way to integrate them. From boosting revenue to improving disaster recovery capabilities and speed, a firm can prioritize its BPM investments based on where its operations need the most assistance, and gain the other benefits as secondary goals.

Profits and cost

One of the main drivers for many businesses will be the increased gains balanced by cost reductions to operations. BPM solutions can help drive down daily workflow costs by streamlining processes and helping employees work more efficiently. These benefits are amplified when firms consider mobile initiatives or cloud deployments. Mobile BPM helps integrate mobile devices with workflow more effectively and can enhance the development of in?-house apps and more when applied properly.

Disaster recovery and continuity

Boosting a businesses ability to respond to a crisis and maintain the quality of its mission-critical processes is equally important and offers firms the opportunity to support efficiency without worrying about risks or compliance issues. If a company wants to focus on its disaster mitigation capabilities, applying cloud BPM solutions to make theses efforts easily accessible from anywhere will help, as will integrating them with data recovery and warehousing systems.

Boost collaboration

Enhancing workflow through teamwork and efficiency is also a key benefit that companies can focus on, allowing them to promote workers accomplishing tasks together in a streamlined fashion through enhanced collaboration and communication. Social BPM initiatives are best in this case, supporting workflow and the sharing of information in formats that employees are already accustomed to - social media.

These are all primary benefits of BPM investments, but they aren't the only options. Companies will have to carefully consider the tools at their disposal and their operational needs in order to focus their efforts and select the most effective strategies for their implementation.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell