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How BPM Helps the Growing Oil and Gas Industry [Video]

Appian Contributor
March 5, 2014

The oil and gas industry is facing a number of challenges including safety and compliance concerns, service reliability, time to market and how to increase productivity.

Industry experts making better use of real-time enterprise data is key to overcoming all of these business issues.

According to a recent survey by the Energy Exchange, 90 percent of oil exploration and production companies and service providers said that data management is their biggest challenge. Specifically, how to use that data for internal decision making and external evaluation and how to create an environment to harness information to its fullest potential.

At the same time, cloud computing, mobility and knowledge management have also become industry-standard capabilities for driving efficiency.

BPM platform solutions offer an answer to these challenges and give oil and gas workers the agility to gather and act on key information anytime from any device. BPM gives organizations the ability to automate tasks, gather historical and field data, as well as analyze and collaborate in real-time to make better decisions and address future problems more quickly.

BPM can help transform business processes so oil and gas companies can integrate all their systems. This allows for better communication across all departments, from the executive level to workers at remote site locations across all stages of exploration, production, management, maintenance and marketing.

Appian BPM software for the energy industry can help all employees sort through and manage all their data in real-time, which in the end will not only help companies stay compliant, but also increase productivity for better ROI.