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Forward momentum in government IT building

Ben Farrell
April 7, 2014

Enterprise operations are changing, and as they do the focus is turning away from traditional processes and operations. Businesses are leveraging new tools and opportunities to drive growth, innovation and success, and this is all being supported by technology. From mobile devices to cloud computing, companies are embracing new technology at astonishing rates. And enterprises aren't alone in these endeavors, either. Government offices are embracing new process management software and solutions to leverage their IT departments more effectively, and as a result, changing the way they operate on a grand scale.

According to Government CIO Magazine, these changes are pushing government IT away from traditional application development practices and toward increased innovation. With nearly 70 percent of federal IT budgets directed toward operations, it is important for business process management to be optimized.

"True innovation in government demands collaboration within and among agencies, provides the kind of access to data that allows easy identification of trends and improves the ability to take action quickly," Christoper O'Connell, vice president of federal sales for Appian, wrote for the news source. "Getting the best use from big data, cloud computing and mobility means being able to use multi-network applications and social media. That cross-platform accessibility improves group dynamics by letting people make better decisions, react more rapidly and do the work that's vital to their missions."

In order to foster the sort of relationship between employees and the technology they are using that is necessary for this collaborative growth, agencies need to invest in high-quality BPM for government. The right tools will help incorporate new IT trends, including the customized app development strategies that organizations need to support continued growth. By addressing these trends early on, such as demand for mobility or the potential of the cloud, agencies aren't just embracing high-demand trends, they are supporting the future of IT. This is a shift in attitude that, according to O'Connell, can save government agencies time and money in their app development and IT operations.

IT trends and potential aren't separated in processes, and deploying high-quality solutions to handle the demands of supporting a new trend will also foster the innovation and growth needed to move on beyond those trends and properly leverage them over time. Ultimately, the organizations that use the right solutions for their process management needs will see these tools enable a whole new host of changes.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell