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Customer Success Spotlight: Hansard Global

Staff, Appian
November 4, 2014

Appian's financial services offering is truly a global practice. Leading organizations around the world rely on Appian to deliver agile business tools to address processes related to governance, risk and wealth management, and sustainable growth across the financial arena.

Hansard Global plc,a specialist long-term savings provider, is the latest example of a financial services game-changer.

The organization has deployed an application platform across their business to offer a range of flexible and tax-efficient investment products within a life assurance policy wrapper, providing a modernized operating system forinternational investors.

Hansard used an existingDocument Image Processing (DIP) system to monitor the volume of investor records needing to be managed throughout the organization.While looking atways to modernizeand continue to grow their business, Hansard examined enterprise technology solutions that could be deployed across the entire business to deliver improved compliance monitoring to the financial services sector.

Hansard ultimately chose Appian's enterprise application platform to modernize DIP, creating the DIP Replacement System.

The DIP Replacement System allows Hansard to fully leverage a modern BPM Suitefor financial service management through improved data integration and analytics. Appian Records capabilities allow Hansard documents to be centrally located within the system, allowing for more than 20,000 services and requests to be processed per day.

In addition to Records, Hansard leverages Appian's fixed business rules and processes automation to re-route and assign specific document types or investor cases anywhere throughout the entire organization with complete audit trail view.

Be sure to download the Hansard customer case study to learn more about a successful deployment of enterprise software in financial services.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager