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BPM a priority in customer service

Ben Farrell
January 1, 2014

The customer service industry has an expanding need for high-quality business process management solutions, and it isn't until firms invest fully into the solutions their representatives are demanding that they will see the high returns they expect from their support staff. According to Firmology, investing in high-quality BPM software will help companies optimize the customer care experience by improving workflow management and overall service lifecycles.

One of the biggest threats to customer satisfaction, the news source reported, is the consumer him or herself. Confusion or unclear explanations of a service need will lead to a low-quality experience, hurting overall brand reputations, even if the business did nothing wrong. The trick is to make sense of a dissatisfied customer's needs and provide more intuitive service. In order to accomplish this,a company will need to improve its own operations, allowing representatives to focus more on the caller.

Agility is key

The trick to allowing customer service staff to adapt more easily to confusing customer requests is improving their process agility. Helping representatives be more flexible will ensure that caller expectations can be met more readily, while avoiding confusion or resolving miscommunication faster. Too many firms rely on rote explanations and service manuals to provide the same experience to each and ever customer, when in reality these callers want an individualized experience catering to their unique needs and abilities.

Minimization will boost quality

One way to improve the customer service experience is to look to minimal operations. Overly complex structures for workflow and general operations will result in bottlenecking and a reduction in overall service quality. Investing in high-quality BPM solutions will help companies reduce the complexity of their processes and focus more on the needs of the customer, rather than navigating red tape and bureaucracy.

By meeting the needs and expectations of customers more effectively, firms will be able to quickly turn a BPM softwareinvestment into profit. More specific solutions, such as social BPM or cloud services can greatly improve these efforts and provide the flexibility and scalability needed to address any customer complaint, no matter how severe.

Rather than put service quality at risk, businesses need to focus their efforts on providing the best possible experience for any and all consumers, every time the customer service team is contacted.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications