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Appian Named to "Top Workplaces 2014" by The Washington Post

Staff, Appian
July 9, 2014

To be successful at whatever line of work you fall into, there must be a passion for what it is you sell, improve or create. Our jobs can be tough, and there's a reason it's often referred to as "the grind." If you don't enjoy the work, waking up to a job can be pretty brutal.

Equally as important as what you do is where you do it. Our job is often the place where we spend the majority of our day, week, and sometimes weekend, so it's important that we align ourselves to an organization of like-minded peers who share our passions. I'm a firm believer in that having pride for your employer ultimately yields better performance, resulting in a consistently growing business.

Appian was recently named a "2014 Top Workplace" by The Washington Post, recognizing its employee-friendly work environment committed to rewarding creativity and excellence. In addition, Appian received a special award for strategy, as our company mission was deemed compelling and clearly defined, working towards a common goal.

But instead of rambling on, and being that this award is based on employee feedback, I'll let my Appian colleagues explain what it means to be a "Top Workplace."

"We're all about innovation. We're doing things that other products aren't doing, developing on different platforms using the latest technology. The company's mission is clearly defined and the leadership team excels at making sure the entire staff is working toward the same goal."

-Jane Hill, Senior Product Manager, Appian

"I've worked at Appian for over a decade, and when people ask me why I've stayed so long, I tell them it's because I believe in the company and our product, but more importantly because I've been given tremendous opportunities and been continuously challenged. I've worked in our Professional Services, Engineering, and Cloud groups, and I've never been bored. I come to work each morning excited to tackle the latest challenge alongside my fellow Appianites, regardless of which department they're in or what title they have."

-Jed Fonner, Director, Center of Excellence, Appian

"The best things about working at Appian are the people and the culture. You are constantly surrounded by talented and ambitious individuals all working towards the same goal; and nothing is better than working with great people. Individual contributions from all employees are always encouraged, leading to great opportunities for growth."

-Kevin Fon, Online Marketing Specialist

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Mike Ingrisano

Media Relations Manager

Mike Ingrisano