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Social BPM can pay dividends for managed service companies

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
May 14, 2013

Cloud computing is disrupting business IT departments in many ways, but what often goes without discussion is how the cloud is changing operational dynamics for data center service vendors. According to a recent DataCenter Dynamics report, cloud computing is not about to replace traditional managed hosting services, but it is forcing companies to evolve their hosting solutions.

Making major operational changes in light ofnew technology can be difficult, but it is an increasingly common corporate problem. Business process management software can give companies the help they need to adjust their processes in response to technological innovation.

Responding to the cloud in the service provider marketplace

Industry expert Daniel Patton told the news source that many businesses are more concerned with how the service environment is managed than anything else. While they choose the cloud, or dedicated servers or another managed hosting model for a variety of reasons, their satisfaction will depend on how well the vendor is able to manage its infrastructure and support client needs.

Because managing services effectively is the priority, the focus is often on processes and data center efficiency, not just solution models. As a result, a wide range of data center services can remain relevant despite the cloud's rise. Industry expert Matthew Porter told DataCenter Dynamics that while managed services will remain relevant, they will need to change. Customers need to get unique value from the cloud for the technology to continue its rise to prominence. As a result, classic data center hosting solutions are important. However, automation will become more important to help managers improve service capabilities and create meaningful innovation throughout the application landscape.

Evolution is essential to help the managed services sector keep up with the cloud. Industry expertJason Carolan told the news source that engineers will have to adjust how they work to support advanced operations.

"[The evolution of managed services] will place more demands on services engineers to understand automation and continuous deployment techniques, DevOps, and the effects of dynamic networks," Carolan told DataCenter Dynamics.

Using BPM to ease change

Business process management solutions can be integral in helping companies keep up with major operational changes. As IT managers supporting managed services adjust to more automation and continuous deployment, they will likely need new and streamlined process workflows to help them keep up with data center requirements and collaborate with other administrators. Social BPM software can enable this type of collaboration and help data center service companies keep up with the changes ushered in by the cloud.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng