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Need for increased intelligence driving cloud, mobility and BPM adoption

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
August 14, 2013

Many companies are trying to optimize their positions as an intelligent enterprise, with business analytics often at the forefront of such efforts. However, some firms are finding that improving processes and investing in cloud and other leading technologies can have a more profound effect on growing analytical advantages.

According to a recent study by Wintergreen Research, cloud and mobile solutions are top investments for many companies, and are driving the business process management market currently. With increased investment in BPM solutions, the global demand for improved efficiency is more apparent. However, what these enterprises are accomplishing with more efficient processes is key.

For many, the goal is to advance and improve business analytics in order to become a more intelligent enterprise. This goal is driven by increased demand for efficiency and cost reduction, and businesses are encountering less resistance to these changes with optimized BPM. As the demands on BI and analytics increase, the processes that governthem will become more complex, and intelligent BPM solutions will help any company cope with the increased demand.

Various business processes are often focused on communication and collaboration. As such these are key areas to automate and improve through BPMsoftware. Trends like mobility help drive these enhancements and provide companies with strong foundations to launch their efforts from. With a mobile BPMsolution in place, more firms will be able to optimize their communications with ease and focus on other areas that need improvement.

On the other side of the spectrum, cloud solutions also advance communications and collaboration by furthering the anywhere, anytime demand that many professionals have. Appian cloud BPM solutions offer optimized efficiency for these channels in addition to mobile improvements, offering a well-rounded option for any company looking to advance its workflow along these lines.

Business intelligence isn't just a matter of having analytics in place, it also requires knowing how to use those tools as effectively as possible. Appian business process management software provides streamlined solutions to boost overall efficiency and evolution of these tools to optimize both their use and the understanding of them across a company. This will optimize both their use, and the ROI gained from them.

BPM is a growing necessity in any industry, and incorporating a strong solution for process management with other technology investments will only help firms accomplish their goals more efficiently, whether they are to boost communications or gain greater insights with analytics solutions.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng