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Introduction to the Appian BPM Suite [Video]

Appian Contributor
March 14, 2013

New technologies have dramatically transformed the business world during the past several years. The continued use of mobile, cloud and social tools has allowed enterprises to reenergize their operations and better engage with their customer bases.

These consumer-driven innovations can also be aligned with efforts to improve business processes to help organizations to be more responsive and agile while delivering products and services quicker and better than ever before.

Their use is growing across corporate IT because they create solutions for pressing business problems, while creating additional opportunities across the company.

Appian's Business Process Management (BPM) Suite enables organizations to fully leverage social media, mobile devices, cloud technologies and big data to develop efficient processes that drive stronger business decisions.

To create end-to-end gains throughout the organization, Appian's BPM suite focuses on a number of critical components.

First, it helps drive employees to be as productive as possible by incorporating the ability to work and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. That increased speed gives decision-makers greater visibility across the business through an intuitive interface.

At the same time, Appian's BPM suite unleashes the ability for designers and developers to create deeply powerful applications for the enterprise. Model-driven designs allow them to be quickly configured and deployed for all web browsers and mobile operating systems.

Appian also promotes technical flexibility, since it is available as either and on-premise or cloud deployment and is completely portable between the two. Appian Cloud serves as a reliable and scalable way to foster an agile enterprise.

Marrying enterprise mobility, cloud computing and social technologies to the vital processes that drive business success extends their value for business growth and innovation.

With Appian's BPM suite, companies can transform how they work and exceed their goals in customer service, product delivery and governance and compliance. It allows decision-makers to harness all of their data, processes, documents and collaborations ñ in one environment, on any device, through a simple social interface - to make better decisions and get optimal results.