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Introduction to Appian Reporting [Video]

Appian Contributor
February 19, 2013

Welcome to this introduction to Appian Reporting, which serves a critical role in the Appian BPM suite.

The reporting capabilities in Appian's BPM Software are key to ensuring continuing process improvement. Reporting and analytics can improve enterprise processes by providing users views to see processes in real-time, and see bottlenecks for ongoing process optimization.

To access Appian reporting, use internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers to access the Appian designer interface. From there, you can go to reports tab.

Appian reporting comes packaged with a number of standard report views. There is also a wizard based tool to create custom reports based on your detailed reporting on any human activity and all process related activities. Once a report is created, you can edit reports to meet your specific needs.

Customize data in the reports or filter reports to specific process instances. Specify key process indicators to appear on reports.

The display tab allows you to specify the type of view including grid and a variety of graph views.

With Appian Reporting, you can report on any data type in your process. Use out of the box functions or create custom expressions to meet your needs.

When your report is complete, save reports and publish them to final users with a report channel on any page. You can choose to show filter and data tools to allow inline report modification by end users.

Appian Reporting is a key part of the Appian BPM Software suite.