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Break Corporate Inertia with BPM [Video]

Appian Contributor
May 12, 2013

When dealing with established corporate processes, workflows and other standards, it can sometimes be difficult to introduce new innovative methods that challenge the status quo.

However, properly leveraging business process management software can help companies overcome the inertia that keeps entrenched systems and practices in place.

Most employees, regardless of the specific job they may have, tend to settle into a routine to help manage their day-to-day workloads. Over time, those patterns become so familiar and comfortable that some employees may resist changes.

The key factor in overcoming fear of change ñ and gaining widespread user adoption of a new system - is showing that the new system will be better than current methods and will make their people's jobs easier.

The disruptive changes brought about by BPM systems can allow employees to see the wider improvements brought about by an overhaul. That can increase worker buy-in and increase productivity in general.

In addition, the flexibility created by the system allows for constant improvements without completely starting from scratch. These enhancements can incorporate feedback from employees to further streamline their workloads and improve efficiency. Over time, those gains can snowball and drive changes to even more parts of a company's strategy.

In the end, using BPM to break away from stale, outdated processes can eliminate the idea of the status quo - allowing a company to continuously improve the methods it uses to reach its goals.