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Automation simplified with BPM

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
October 22, 2013

One of the key advantages offered by business process management software is workflow automation. For many companies this means simplifying billing, payroll and other basic systems, but other firms,such as windfarms, need a much broader use of automation. Some wind farmers have turned to high-quality BPM solutions to better manage their wind mills and reduce turbine issues.

According to the IDC study on EDP Renewables North America, the firm created a case-centric system around Appian BPM software to monitor its turbines and improve response times to support requests from various locations. The technological sophistication and advanced machinery required unique and complex solutions to adapt to issues with no precedent within the process management industry, as well as a need for advanced tracking and resolution of these issues for building a knowledge base for future efforts.

Everything from ease of use to turnover times on requests has to be factored into the system, and as such, EDPR NA relied on an optimized BPM strategy that would deliver flexible and scalable support.

Cloud BPM

The key to flexibility and scalability for any enterprise, not just a high-volume energy provider with unique needs like EDPR NA, is cloud BPM. Deployment in the cloud provides businesses with the opportunity to implement the solutions it needs in an easy to access yet secure manner, while improving ease of use at the same time. The benefits of the cloud are well known in other areas of operations, but with BPM they become the most apparent. Companies can relegate automation to the cloud, ensuring constant support and uptime, access from anywhere should a disaster occur and the reliability offered by a high-quality cloud vendor.

At the same time, firms also need to focus on the secure transmission of data. EDPR NA had wind farms located across the nation, making this a key consideration, and any business with multiple locations or remote employees will also benefit from a cloud deployment.

BPM solutions provide many benefits for businesses of all kinds, it simply requires a focus on operational needs the right investment to get the improvements started. Optimally, a company is only one step away from growth by investing in BPM software, but sometimes these tools will be necessary to get the ball rolling for total improvements over time.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing