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Appian showcases data-driven BPM platform

Ben Farrell
May 14, 2013

Data is more valuable than ever in business settingsand, many organizations are turning to big data analytics and data-driven operations that fuel revenue opportunities. While the rise of information-focused functionality and analytics offers considerable potential, it also demands changes from a technology and process perspective. Appian is working to help companies deal with these shifts through the new Appian Records functionality that complements the worksocialbusiness process management solution platform.

Looking at Appian Records

Many businesses are bogged down by siloed data that is valuable to a variety of departments. Appian is taking the lead in solving this problem through its Appian Records capabilities. The new component of Appian's BPM software suite was introduced at theAppian World 2013 conferenceand is aimed directly at process pain points that companies face when dealing with data-driven processes that cross departmental boundaries.

To illustrate the benefits of this technology, Appian pointed to the call center. Using Appian Records, a call center representative can take a customer's calland gain access to ERP, CRM and legal data through the centralized BPM platform, creating visibility that was impossible to obtain before. This allows for more responsive process completion, and allows employees to avoid switching between applications to view different data sets.

Matt Calkins, president and CEO at Appian, explained that this data-focused entry into the BPM technology market represents an important step forward for the industry.

"Appian Records is a monumental advance for accelerating business performance in a data-driven world," said Calkins. "Organizations are overwhelmed by application and data sprawl. Data-first design in a process context delivered through a social interface is the next frontier of modern business technology."

Building Appian Records into worksocial givescompanies with the ability to provide automated guidance for data-driven operations. This leads to improvements in such areas as data navigation, social collaboration, process orchestration and reporting at an enterprise scale.

Considering Appian

Appian has created its market-leading position through a relentless focus on innovation.Appian BPM solutions are known for their innovative approach to solving business problems. As a key player in the broad BPM market, Appian is able to develop new ideas and turn them into industry-leading solutions because it has such a broad view ofthe market. As a result, Appian worksocial BPM solutions offer companies nuanced functions, such as data-intensive capabilities, that can give them an edge over competition.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell