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Agility key to process management success

Ben Farrell
October 8, 2013

With any process management software, success comes from use. However, simply implementing a solution doesn't guarantee that a company will see improved productivity and cost reductions in operations. Every business is different and optimizing process management is essential for success.

When it comes to enhancing operations through business process management, companies have to consider several factors, but the most important of all of them is agility. Reducing operational costs, improving productivity and enhancing workflow all requires an increased focus on the flexibility and adaptability of employees. According to the Aberdeen Group, focusing on these factors is what sets best-in-class organizations above the competition.

Leveraging agility is about more than basic flexibility though. For innovative businesses, it also means utilizing analytics, customizable reporting and ensuring that teams are cross-functional, able to fill any role in a pinch.

No business wants to intentionally slow down its own operations, but with nearly half of all companies reporting a need to reduce spending and improve cash flow, it may seem like cutting expenses is the best course of action. However, making a small investment in BPM softwarecan result in significant savings later.

BPM solutions provide a key resource for improving business agility by streamlining processes and automating different aspects of operations. In turn, this creates reduced workloads and helps employees be more productive. By focusing on leveraging technology to further productivity and innovation in the workplace, businesses can optimize their operations more quickly, bringing about returns faster.

According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses that invest in high-quality BPM solutions have an easier time achieving best-in-class status and seeing major turnarounds on process cycles, operating costs and output capacity. With 16 to 18 percent gains in each of these areas year over year, enterprises will see improved visibility into workflow and be able to monitor and avoid process pitfalls more effectively.

Agility in all areas of operations comes over time, but making the smart investments into high-quality BPM software will start a business down this road faster, ensuring that it is able to streamline workflow and minimize process risks more effectively over the long run. These improvements will add up over time, rather than come and go, building a strong case for growth and profitability.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications