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Strategic focus needed for BPM success

Ben Farrell
October 9, 2012

Getting the most out of a business process management initiative is often dependent on tactically evaluating what BPM can do for the company and taking a lean approach to developing the program, a recent Information Management report explained.

BPM like a startup

Getting a BPM program started is often like initiating a startup business, the news source said. At startup companies, the founder needs to get backing from key investors to support costs. Similarly, the leaders behind the BPM innovation have to make a case for budget resources and convince executives that the program offers enough value to be worth the costs.

Another key similarity is the need to emphasize strategic planning. With startup businesses, the risk-reward scenario is often one in which potential is the focus. The organization could end up falling through and not having an impact on the world. However, if the company is well funded and makes the right decisions, the sky is often the limit, Information Management reported.

Most startups begin with an ambitious idea that has to be approached with tactical care to execute the concepts. The report said BPM also requires careful planning. The business gains are considerable, but there are also risks that can quickly derail efforts to enable process management. As such, it is vital to prepare for any contingencies and develop a plan to get the most out of the technology.

According to the news source, BPM offers all of the potential and excitement that can start with starting a new company. In many ways, enabling a BPM initiative is similar to starting a new business within the corporate structure because it disrupts operations to enable process-level improvements. As a result, it is vital to begin with lean methodologies to minimize risk and develop a solid foundation for future innovation.

Taking advantage of BPM software

One way to optimize practices when enabling a lean BPM initiative is through the strategic implementation of BPM software. The technological solution works to integrate social, mobile and cloud channels, allowing employees to use data and IT solutions more efficiently. This can enable companies to optimize process management through a combination of automation and streamlined operations. The software system can take a traditional BPM plan and help remove some of the risk by easing day-to-day activities for employees.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications

Ben Farrell