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BPM software vital as cloud matures

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
October 17, 2012

As cloud computing solutions mature, they begin to play a larger role in the enterprise. With the cloud becoming a more prominent part of operations, there is a growing need to find ways to integrate diverse solutions and enable them to function well in concert with one another. Business process management software can play a valuable part in that process, especially when it comes to dealing with the interplay of cloud, social and mobile technologies.

Factors pointing toward cloud maturation

There are a variety of trends that show cloud computing is maturing. These include the popularity of the data center services industry, shifting data center design elements and even the rise of the mobile employee . However, one of the most important trends pointing toward the cloud's rise is the growing move toward standardization.

According to a recent Information Management report, efforts to develop global standards for cloud computing operations are still in the relatively early stages of development. However, solid progress is being made to bring about international regulations and best practices to help companies get the most out of the technology while avoiding the risks.

A recent panel discussion focused on the cloud standard issues. The news source said that industry experts participating in the event found that while concrete standards have yet to be released, organizations are making meaningful progress on creating guidelines for such issues as security, interoperability and interfaces.

While speaking at the event, Winston Bumpus, chairman of the Distributed Management Task Force, explained that the standards area that is farthest along is security, the report explained. At this point, organizations are approximately a year away from being ready to release global standards for cloud security.

Implications of cloud maturation

As these standards mature, cloud computing becomes much more popular among businesses. This process is already leaving many businesses with challenges when it comes to integrating diverse cloud solutions. BPM software can help companies deal with this difficulty, at least on an operational level, by providing the automation and data integration. This helps employees take information from a variety of cloud sources and use it in the most efficient way possible. As companies move deeper into the cloud, the need to address issues with data being spread over multiple applications and services could become much more important.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing

Cindy Cheng